Advanced International Economics Course training in Rawalpindi, Islamabad Pakistan

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Advanced International Economics Course in Pakistan

Advanced Diploma in International Economics in Rawalpindi

A vocational-technical school, often called a voc-tech school, is a high school in the United States and Canada designed to bring vocational and technical training to its students. Proponents claim that students bound for college may be able to use such skills to realize a distinct educational advantage over other students in their major.Additionally, vocational-technical schools often provide training to adults from the surrounding communities. The training, offered for a cost, may range from a single course to an entire program of ten or more courses. Vocational-technical schools are licensed, registered, or accredited with government of Pakistan. Career and technical education is a term applied to schools, institutions, and educational programs that specialize in the skilled trades, applied sciences, modern technologies, and career preparation. It was formerly (and is still commonly) called vocational education; however, the term has fallen out of favor with most educators. Career and technical programs frequently offer both academic and career-oriented courses, and many provide students with the opportunity to gain work experience through internships, job shadowing, on-the-job training, and industry-certification opportunities. Career and technical programs—depending on their size, configuration, location, and mission—provide a wide range of learning experiences spanning many different career tracks, fields, and industries, from skilled trades such as automotive technology, construction, plumbing, or electrical contracting to fields as diverse as agriculture, architecture, culinary arts, fashion design, filmmaking, forestry, engineering, healthcare, personal training, robotics, or veterinary medicine.Professional qualifications focus on improving your ability to succeed in a particular occupation, which is ideal if you have a clear career objective and want to gain valuable on-the-job experience through vocational training. Awarded by professional bodies within the relevant industry or sector, they often follow on from a degree or equivalent qualification, although this level of previous academic study isn't always required.Globalization is rapidly changing the scope and nature of international business and trade, and business success is highly dependent on the ability to understand and respond to economic issues and forces. Designed for students from any academic discipline, this program advances understanding of economics across business and the public sector. Students develop specialized knowledge of the extensive implications and opportunities arising from the process of international economic and financial integration. The mission of Institute is to train and transform young men and women into responsible thinking engineers, technologists and scientists, to motivate them to attain professional excellence and to inspire them to proactively engage themselves for the betterment of the society.

Advanced Diploma in International Economics Course Contents:

  • International Trade Equilibrium: Some Analytical Tools
  • The Classical theory of Comparative Costs and UDCs
  • Refinements of the Comparative Costs Theory
  • Haberier’s Theory of Opportunity Costs
  • Mill’s Theory of Reciprocal Demand
  • International Trade and factor Prices
  • Factor Intensity Reversals
  • Empirical Testing Comparative Costs
  • Dynamic factors in international Trade
  • Economics Growth and International trade
  • Technical Progress and International Trade
  • The Terms of Trade
  • Effective rate of Protection
  • Exchange Control
  • International Cartels
  • State Trading
  • International Economics Integration: Customs Union
  • Balance of Payments: Meaning and components
  • Adjustment Mechanism of Balance of Payments
  • Balance of Payments polices: Internal and External Balance
  • Income Adjustment: Foreign Trade Multiplier
  • Foreign Exchange Rate
  • Foreign Exchange rate Policy
  • Devaluation
  • Optimum Currency Area
  • The Foreign exchange market
  • Private Foreign Investment and Multinational Corporations
  • The International monetary Fund (IMF)
  • The World Bank Group
  • The International Debt Problem
  • Foreign Capital

Advanced International Economics Course in Rawalpindi Pakistan