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NEBOSH IGC Course in Pakistan

NEBOSH Course in Rawalpindi, NEBOSH Training in Rawalpindi, NEBOSH IGC-ITC-IOG-HSW-Diploma Training in Rawalpindi

Nebosh IGC International General Certificate Course Contents:

UNIT IGC 1: Management of International Health & Safety

1:Foundations in Health and Safety
2:Health and Safety Management Systems 1 - Policy
3:Health and Safety Management Systems 2 - Organising
4:Health and Safety Management Systems 3 - Planning
5:Health and Safety Management Systems 4 - Measuring, Audit and Review

UNIT IGC 2: Control of International Workplace Risks

1:Workplace hazards and risk control
2:Transport hazards and risk control
3:Musculoskeletal hazards and risk control
4:Work equipment hazards and risk control
5:Electrical safety
6:Fire safety
7:Chemical and biological health hazards and risk control
8:Physical and psychological health hazards and risk control 

UNIT IGC3: International Health & Safety Practical Application

The completion of a health & safety assessment of a workplace and a report to management will be carried out at the candidate's workplace within 14 days of course completion.

Course Fee:120000 PKR

NEBOSH International Technical Certificate Course/ Oil & Gas Course Contents:

Element 1:Health,Safety and Environment Management in Context

(1) Learning from incidents
(2) Hazards inherent in oil and gas
(3) Risk management Techniques used in the oil and gas industries
(4) Safety cases and safety reports

Element 2:Hydrocarbon Process Safety 1

(1) Contractor management
(2) Process safety management  (PSM)
(3) Role and purpose of a permit-to-work system
(4) Key principles of shift handover
(5) Plant operations and maintenance

Element 3:Hydrocarbon Process Safety 2

(1) Failure modes
(2) Safety critical equipment controls
(3) Safe storage of hydrocarbons
(4) Furnace and boiler operations

Element 4:Fire Protection and Emergency Response

(1) Fire and explosion risk in the oil and gas industries
(2) Emergency response

Element 5:Logistics and Transport Operation

(1) Marine transport
(2) Land transport

Course Fee:150000 PKR

Nebosh HSW health & safety at Work Course Contents:

UNIT HSW1: Workplace safety foundations:

1:Foundations of health and safety
2:Responsibility for health and safety
3:Health and safety risk assessment and control
4:Work Equipment health and safety
5:Transport safety
6:Electrical safety
7:Fire Safety
8:Health & safety during manual handling & repetitive activities
9:Hazardous substances
10:Health and safety in the working environment
UNIT HSW2: Workplace risk assessment:

Unit HSW2 is the workplace-based risk assessment activity

NEBOSH IGC Course in Rawalpindi Pakistan