International Registered Safety Manager Level 4 Canadian Course training in Rawalpindi, Islamabad Pakistan

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International Registered Safety Manager Level 4 Canadian Course in Pakistan

International Registered Safety Manager Level 4 Canadian Course

Leading, Managing and Following:
It is critical that a safety manager understands the difference between leading and managing. And how to use the various styles of leadership to for different situations.
Critical Thinking
Making sound decisions will gain the safety manager respect from members of management and the workforce. This can be accomplished by utilizing decision making models and problem solving techniques.

Assertive Communication

A Safety Manager must be able to stand up to management for the workers, as well as stand up to the workers for management. Communicating assertively gives you the ability to say what you mean without guilt and reprisal.


A Safety Manager just cannot do it all, and therefore delegating becomes vital to the success of the company. Delegating not only frees up valuable time to concentrate on other important tasks, but also provides a growth experience for the one receiving the delegation.

Time Management

Time itself cannot be managed, however, what we do with the time can. By identifying time wasters, the Safety Manager can improve their efficiency and the efficiency of their safety officers in the use of time.

Stress Management

The demands of the job can be overwhelming at times, which leads to stress. Too much stress can lead to health issues. Therefore it is critical that a Safety Manager learn various techniques on how to avoid stress and ways to reduce the stress in a beneficial manner.

Handling Conflicts

Not every decision the Safety Manager or the Company makes is going to be accepted by all workers. By being able to recognize the negative signs displayed by staff and workers many conflicts can be mitigated before they become a major issue. Techniques for how to handle individuals or groups who present a conflicting situation are critical for a safety manager.

Substance Abuse Awareness

Drugs and alcohol find their way on to all jobsites and in all workplaces. As a Safety Manager you will become more involved in the Company’s Drug and Alcohol Policy. Through the understanding of why workers abuse drugs and alcohol, as well as the most common drugs abused, you will be in a better position to enforce the Company’s Drug and Alcohol Policy and provide guidance for your safety officers

Evaluating Staff Performance

As a minimum most workers and management are evaluated once a year, to determine if they are beneficial to the company. As a Safety Manager you will be responsible for evaluating your safety officers. Through accurate evaluation the safety officers can be guided to improvement.

The Institute of Technologies Pakistan (SMC) Private Ltd, is accredited with International awarding bodies like NEBOSH, IOSH, OSHA IASP, British Safety Council, ISO, HABC, IADC, IBOEHS and at national level with SDA, SDC, TTB, TTPC, PSSC, RCCI, NTB Government of Pakistan.


International Registered Safety Manager Level 4 Canadian Course in Rawalpindi Pakistan