IDAC Rig Pass Course training in Rawalpindi, Islamabad Pakistan

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IDAC Rig Pass Course in Pakistan

IADC Rig Pass Training Course

 IADC RigPass program (including SafeLandUSA and SafeGulf endorsements) is an accreditation system delivering a standardized safety orientation program for new employees, preparing the employees for almost any operating environment, at almost any site, onshore or offshore.

Contents of IADC Rig Pass course are as under:

1:General Safety Principles(Safe Work Practices, Injury Prevention, Etc.)
2:Intervention (Stop Work Authority) (JSEA/JHA, Signs and Placards, Pre-job Plan, etc.)
3:Personal Conduct (Workplace violence, horseplay, smoking restrictions, etc.)
4:Drug & Alcohol Testing
5:Preventing Workplace Violence
6:Hazard Control Methods
7:Lockout/ Tag out
8:Housekeeping (Proper Practices, Storage, etc.)
9:Job Safety Environment Analysis
11:Personal Protective Equipment (Head, Face and Eye, Hearing, Foot, Head, Resp.., etc)
12:Hazard Communication and Material Handling.(Hazard types, Transport, Releases)
13:Hazmat Labeling
14:Material Safety Data Sheets
15:Marine Debris, Swing Rope, Pits and Falls
16:Accident Prevention Signs
17:HAZWOPER 1stResponder’s Role
19:Material Handling (Mechanical Equipment, Manual Material Handling)
20:Trenching & Insects
21:Fire Safety (Overview of Fire Protection and Prevention, Employee responsibilities)
22:Adverse Weather
23:Health & First AID (General, Health and Weather)
24:Blood Borne Pathogens
25:Industrial Hygiene
26:Back Injury Prevention
27:Incident Reporting & Investigation
28:Well siteEnvironmental Protection (Waste Management, Leaks, HAZWOPER awareness)
29:Land Transpiration 9Journey Management, Driving practices, cell Phone, Fatigue)
30:Offshore Personnel Transpiration (Shore base, Helicopter, Boat, Swing Ropes, Water Safety)
31:SEMS Awareness (30 CFR 250 Subpart S)
32:Swing Rope Transfer
33:Written Examination

IDAC Rig Pass Course in Rawalpindi Pakistan