Video Editing Professional Course training in Rawalpindi, Islamabad Pakistan

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Video Editing Professional Course in Pakistan

Video Editing Professional Course

This course include reading a storyboard and script, selecting video footage, graphic,files and audio clips and rendering projects using the proper video codec. Students will learn how to choose video footage using a basic visual vocabulary; choose audio clips that support video, create graphic elements that communicate using font, color and positioning and assemble and trim elements to communicate emotion to the audience.In this course introduces students to the artistic and technical platform of video editing using Adobe Premiere. The course starts with an overview of the software interface, basic editing tools, and roles of a video editor. Along with learning how to use the software, students will become familiar with editing styles and the post production work flow. Institute of Technologies Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd is affiliated with RCCI, SECP, SDA, TTB, TTPC, SDC & PSSC Government of Pakistan.

Video Editing Course Contents:

1:Read a storyboard and script

2:Select video footage, graphic files, and audio clips

3:Assemble clips onto a timeline to create a sequence

4:Trim clips to affect pacing and rhythm

5:Mix audio clips to accompany video

6:Insert graphic files into the video sequence

7:Render the project using the proper video codec

8:Distribute the rendered video

9:Choose video footage using a basic visual vocabulary

10:Choose audio clips that support video

11:Create graphic elements that communicate using font, color, and positioning

12:Edit video using digital non-linear editing techniques

13:Creation and implementation of electronic graphics

Video Editing Professional Course in Rawalpindi Pakistan