Revit MEP Electrical Course training in Rawalpindi, Islamabad Pakistan

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Revit MEP Electrical Course in Pakistan

Revit MEP Electrical Course in Rawalpindi, Islamabad

Revit MEP Electrical explores BIM Concepts and leads the user through the basics of designing and modeling electrical systems within an intelligent, integrated Building Information Model (BIM). Users will learn how to use the powerful tools within Revit MEP to design, model, and make construction documents relating to the electrical distribution systems used in commercial buildings.Students will learn the recommended workflows and basic skills required to navigate Revit MEP and use its tools to create and modify Electrical systems.

Revit MEP Electrical Course Contents:

1:Understand basic skills in Revit MEP
2:Complete an electrical system within a BIM model, validating the integrity of the design
3:Complete construction documentation to correspond with the building model
4:Set up, import, and link projects with Revit MEP
5:Use the parametric 3D design tools to design and perform analysis
6:Collaborate with architects and engineers on projects
7:Create project schedules
8:Create construction documentation

Revit MEP Electrical Course in Rawalpindi Pakistan