Microstation Cad V8i Computer Course training in Rawalpindi, Islamabad Pakistan

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Microstation Cad V8i Computer Course in Pakistan

Microstation Cad V8i Computer Course

Microstation Course in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.This course is designed to teach a 2D production drafter how to use MicroStation software to create quality designs. You will learn to use MicroStation’s tools and features to create designs, manipulate and modify elements, assemble project,data, and create printed output.MicroStation is a CAD software product for two and three dimensional design and drafting, developed and sold by Bentley Systems.In addition to being the best 3D modeling software for projects of any size and complexity for architects and engineers, MicroStation provides all the benefits of traditional CAD software. You can produce detailed drawings and documentation, renderings and animations. Unlike simple CAD design software, MicroStation’s power and flexibility helps you focus your time and energy on developing designs to build a better world. 

Microstation Cad V8i Course Contents:

1-Intoduction to Microstation V8i Cad.

2-Overview of Microstation V8i Cad.

3-Microstation concepts.

4-Changing things.

5-Menu survey.

6-Input of precise geometric data.

7-Wrking with groups.

8-Using levels.

9-Using multi-lines.



12-Pattening & crosshetching.


14-Comprehensive exercise.

15-Printing your drawing.

16-3D concepts.

17-Precise 3D input.

18-Creating & manipulating solid models.

19-Reference files & drawing composition.

20-Rendering & animaton.

Microstation Cad V8i Computer Course in Rawalpindi Pakistan