Diploma In Information Technology DIT Course training in Rawalpindi, Islamabad Pakistan

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Diploma In Information Technology DIT Course in Pakistan

DIT (Diploma in information technology) 

DIT - Diploma in Information Technology related to analysis, programming, computer organization, data management, systems development, computer communications, and professional practice and systems principles. The demand for information technology (IT) professionals has grown rapidly in the last decade. This main objective is to equipping students with the technical knowledge required for an IT environment and also developing skills in understanding IT applications in various corporate businesses and banking sectors.
Well 'programme intended to develop high quality information technology manpower to meet the needs of industry and educational institutions as well as prepare candidates for advanced study in the field of information technology and computer scienc.

Course Content of Diploma in information technology:

1:Introduction to information technology
2:Hardware Software storage devices
3:Fundamentals of Network
3:Introduction to database
5:Ms Access
6:Graphic Designing
7:Operating System
8:Office Automation
9:Computer Language C/C++

Diploma in Information Technology DIT Course in Rawalpindi Pakistan