Corporate Finance Course training in Rawalpindi, Islamabad Pakistan

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Corporate Finance Course in Pakistan

Corporate Finance Course

Corporate Finance is a course that applies the financial basics, primarily for the standpoint of within the corporation or entity. Topics covered include capital budgeting, valuation of companies, the cost of capital, initial public offerings, mergers and takeovers, dividend policy, optimal capital structure, leveraged buyouts, and applications of option pricing to corporate finance

Corporate Finance Course Contents: 

1:Introduction of Corporate finance

2:Fundamentals of corporate finance

3:Concept and measurement of cost of capital

4:Financial and combined leverage

5:Cost of capital and- Problems and case study

6:cost of capital and valuation

7:Desinging capital strature

8:Long termk financing

9:Capital markets

10:Equity/Ordinary Shares

11:Hybird financing instruments 

Corporate Finance Course in Rawalpindi Pakistan