Cartoon Animation Course training in Rawalpindi, Islamabad Pakistan

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Cartoon Animation Course in Pakistan

Cartoon Animation Course

Introductory cartoon art classes teach students how using certain images, such as landscapes, cars, bars or schools, can create a specific feeling within a cartoon. Students learn techniques for using simple pictures accompanied by well-chosen words to create meaning for the reader. They study comic books, comic strips and graphic novels to determine how cartoon communication works. Typically, the course includes lessons on creating cartoon characters, story lines and sample cartoon strips.Students learn the fundamentals of weight and its direct relation to timing. They also learn to animate basic bouncing, wave motion, and a simple jump. Institute of Technologies Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd is affiliated with RCCI, SECP, SDA, TTB, TTPC, SDC & PSSC Government of Pakistan.

Cartoon Animation Course Contents:

1:Essential Animation Skills
Extracting frames
Frame storage and naming
Image file types
Transparent layers
Display frames on webpage
Build Flash animation

Create animation character artwork.
Appropriate use of image layers.
Create vector art using the Pen Tool.
Convert vector to bitmap graphics
Draw game scenery
Create symbol library of artwork
Animate artwork
Export animation output using SWF
and HTML file formats.

3:Research Assignment
Prepare a research assignment on
the methods and equipment used in the
production of cartoon animations.

4:Individual Project
Apply the skills developed during the
semester to create one or more
animations of your choice.

5:Exploring Adobe Illustrator CS6
Drawing Tools
Draw arcs

Cartoon Animation Course in Rawalpindi Pakistan