AutoCad Revit Course training in Rawalpindi, Islamabad Pakistan

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AutoCad Revit Course in Pakistan

AutoCad Course in Rawalpindi, Revit Course in Rawalpindi 

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Autocad 2D-3D Computer Course Contents:-

1:Introduction to AutoCAD.
6:Practical Assignments.
7:Composite Solid Models
8:Advanced 3D Concepts
9:Plotting 3D Models
10:3D Functions

Revit 3D Computer Course Contents:-

1:Introduction to Revit
2:Basic Drawing and Editing
3:etting up Levels and Grids
4:Drawing and Modifying Walls
5:Doors and Windows
6:Curtain Walls
7:Creating Views
10:Reflected Ceiling Plans
12:Vertical Circulation
13:Construction Documentation
15:Tags and Schedules
16:Detailing in Revit


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AutoCad Revit Course in Rawalpindi Pakistan