Adobe After Effect Course training in Rawalpindi, Islamabad Pakistan

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Adobe After Effect Course in Pakistan

Adobe After Effect Course 

Adobe After Effects is an industry standard tool for professionals working in 2D and 3D motion graphics, visual effects, and compositing. It offers a powerful, flexible and affordable toolset to help you deliver creative motion content for film, video, web and mobile.
This two day training course offers an introduction to the essential tools, techniques and operation of After Effects, equipping you with the key skills to develop the motion graphics and video content you need. Topics covered will include: an application overview, basic animation techniques, working with transparency and multi-layered video, applying and using basic effects, type animation, shape layers, working with nested and pre-composed compositions, and basic rendering.
Whether you already have some basic experience with After Effects, or are an absolute beginner, this course will give you a strong foundation in the core of the application and an introduction to it’s many features, tools and effects. Institute of Technologies Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd is affiliated with RCCI, SECP, SDA, TTB, TTPC, SDC & PSSC Government of Pakistan.

Adobe After Effect Course Contents:

1:An overview of the After Effects workflow
2:Project organisation and file management
3:Essential keyframe animation techniques
4:Using the anchor point; roving and hold keyframes, and motion sketch.
5:Introduction to easing and the graph editor for animation refinement
6;Understanding layer management and basic layer editing
7:Frame rate and time stretch options
8:Creating and using solid layers, adjustment layers and blending modes
9:Finding, applying, modifying and animating effects
10:Essential effects tour
11:Applying and using layer styles
12:Working with animation presets and Adobe Bridge
13:Working with masks
14:Working with alpha and luma mattes
15:Creating and formatting type
16:Animating text on a path
17:Fundamentals of the text animation system
18:Using text animation presets
19:Creating, modifying and animating basic shape layers
20:Introducing parenting, nesting and precomposing
21:Rendering in After Effects and Adobe Media Encoder

Adobe After Effect Course in Rawalpindi Pakistan