3D Max Professional Course training in Rawalpindi, Islamabad Pakistan

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3D Max Professional Course in Pakistan

3D Max Professional Course

The 3D Training programs are entirely production based to help participants gain the production skills required to enhance their marketability in the shortest amount of time possible

Course Outlines of 3D Studio Max

1:Introduction to Autodesk 3Ds Max

2:Autodesk 3DS Max Design Interface and Workflow

3:Autodesk 3DS Max Design Project Configuration

4:Assembling files

5:3D Modelling from 2D Objects


7:Lighting with Autodesk 3DS Max mental ray


9:Animation for Visualisation

Low and High Poly modelling

1:Detailed box modelling techniques

2:Learn about the Edge Copying technique

3:Combine multiple mode ling concepts to create photo-real models

4:Learn to build anything from Airplanes to humans!

5:The difference between Mesh & Nurbs techniques

Material Techniques

1:Learn game texturing techniques

2:Pelt Mapping

3:Layer many maps using UVW map channels

4:Using Alphas & images as Alphas

5:Mix & Composite Mapping

6:Material types in depth including Multi-Sub Object



9:Raytraced materials

10:Render to texture


1:Particles tips and tricks

2:Particle Flow

3:Environmental effects

4:Composition tips

5:Glow & flares

6:Dynamics with Reactor

Add Bones into the Mesh

1:The ‘Da Vinci pose- Do’s & Don’ts’

2:Preparing the mesh for Bone Rigging

3:Adding Bones into using Mesh Template


1:Mechanical vs. Bone Rigs

2:Set up a Rig using HI Solver & Sliders

3:Over 3 Different Custom Biped Rigs- developed by the instructor

4:Tips and Tricks for successful Rigging

5:Roper usage of Coordinate Systems to prevent Rigging problems

6:Create Biped, Quadrupeds or any Multi-legged Character

7:Creative use of Controllers & Constraints

8:What the books don’t show us!

Character Studio

1:Biped, Physique & Skinning

2:Learn Workflows for Successful Rigging Fitting Biped to a Mesh

3:Creating Footsteps, Varying Time & Stride length

4:Footsteps in Track View

5:Upper body animation

6:Freeform animation


8:IK Blending

9:Body Dynamics

10:Passing Objects

11:Obstacle Coursed

12:Motion Capture

13:Motion Flow

14:Curve Editing


1:Skin modifier

2:Skin morph & skin wrap


4:Vertex editing

5:Weight tables

6:Mirror mode

Animation Techniques

1:Tip & tricks on walk cycles

2:Human & animal locomotion techniques

3:Morph modifier for facial animation


1:Using Skylight

2:Area lights


4:Light Tracer

5:Photometric lights

6:Tips on how to reduce time consuming renders with simple standard lights


1:Learn controllers in depth

2:List controllers & limit controllers

3:Parameter collector

4:Wire Parameters


6:Inverse kinematics

7:IK Solvers

8:Animation modifiers


10Animation materials & effects

11:Channel locks & inherit

3D Max Professional Course in Rawalpindi Pakistan